Meadow's Point @Quartermile launching in Singapore next week!

By The Folks @PropTalk - September 1, 2015 1 Comment

OK, the wife and I must state from the onset (again) that we are vested in this project However, this is NOT an advertorial.

We have just got words that the next phase of the Quartermile Project in Edinburgh, Scotland will be launching in Singapore next week. 

This is for the Meadow's Point collection, which we believed is the Q25 phase that we have talked about in our previous post about THE PROJECT

The wife and I understand that the rental market had remained strong in Edinburgh given its status as one of the leading financial centres in the world. Demand for apartments still far outweighs supply especially near to the city centre and as such, rental returns are pretty decent. 

But as with all investments, there is always the flip side that one should be aware of. The £ has already appreciated against S$ by about 8% over the past 3 months, which makes current purchases in the UK more expensive than before. Having said that, the payment scheme (if it remains the same) is 10% down with balance 90% payable only upon legal completion. As such, the exposure to the current expensive £ is largely mitigated - this is unless the currency continues to appreciate over the next 2 or so years.

And unlike local property investment, one will have to be alot more mindful of exchange rate movements as this may have a rather huge impact on returns.

Then there is the other concern that Scotland may hold another referendum for independence within the next 2 or so years. Should they succeed this time, it may create a turmoil within the country and cause the property market to tank, as many banks and financial institutions had indicated during the last referendum that they would pull out of Edinburgh if Scotland become independent of the UK.  

But for those who are still looking at putting money in overseas property investments and bravehearted enough, it may be well worth a trip down to check out Meadows Point.

1 comment to ''Meadow's Point @Quartermile launching in Singapore next week!"

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