Interesting homes along Cove Drive...

By The Folks @PropTalk - August 16, 2015 5 Comments

The wife and I found ourselves at Cove Drive in Sentosa Cove for the first time this morning and were quite surprised by the sights of the landed homes around this area. Unlike the ones that we had seen around Ocean Drive (on the opposite side of the roundabout as you drive into Sentosa Cove) during our previous visits to the F&B establishments at The Quayside Isle, the houses here seemed to have no common theme whatsoever in terms of designs. This had resulted in a mix-match of different shapes and sizes that make for an interesting drive-about.

You see houses that seemed to have come straight out of a Robinson Crusoe movie

and some that would fit right into the next Sci-Fi flick

While some looked totally avant-garde,

we swear that THIS is really an actual home and not from some movie set!

5 comments to ''Interesting homes along Cove Drive..."

  1. I like the thatched and the Science Fiction one.

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