SG PropTalk has a "Copycat"!

By The Folks @PropTalk - July 14, 2015 No Comments

One half of the wife and I was performing our regular "housekeeping search" today (i.e. googling ourselves to see if there's anything online about us that we should be aware of or if we have offended someone without even realizing it etc.) when he stumbled upon this property-related website called World Luxury ( 

To cut the long story short, the wife and I are flattered that the guys running the website had such deep affections for SG PropTalk but we are also rather disturbed by the fact that they chose to show their "love" by populating the content of their own website with nothing BUT our blog posts. And they did not even have the basic courtesy to ask for our consent or attributing the posts back to us. Not even a heads-up.

To be fair, we do find the odd post of ours appearing on some other websites (which we would normally let it slide) but World Luxury has certainly taken the cake -   it's much like we suddenly find ourselves having a stalker who had stolen most of our old clothing and continue to steal every new piece that we put into our cupboard.

The wife and I must admit that we also include articles and illustrations from other sources on SG PropTalk but we do make it a point to credit the source as far as possible. 

The wife and I also suspect that these guys must also be running a school for clowns on the side: the World Luxury website contains some professionally-worded Disclosure Policy which stated something to the effect that "the materials in the web site are protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law and users are forbidden to copy/steal any of our materials or mirror our website". Talk about black pots and kettles!

We have since written to World Luxury to request that they remove all our blog posts from their website and our reason for writing this piece (other than "name and shame") is to let everyone know that neither SG PropTalk or the wife and I are related to /involved in any way with World Luxury and thus cannot be held responsible for any misdeed/misinformation/misrepresentation or claims arising (from plagiarism being the most likely). Heck, if we are to get into trouble for what we have written, we would much prefer it to come from OUR website - the one and only (to date) SG PropTalk!

And we welcome our readers to check out World Luxury. Then again, you already know where you can get those blog posts "first hand"...


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