Going on a spin around Bartley Residences...

By The Folks @PropTalk - June 28, 2015 3 Comments

With some time in our hands this morning, the wife and I decided to go for a spin around Bartley Residences to check it out. We have passed by the development yesterday and it was only then did we realize that it is about to TOP - we found out later that owners will start collecting their keys from next week.

(* Spoiler Alert: The sky was gloomy this morning so the photos did not turn out as well as we would have liked*)

For the uninitiated (yours truly included), the main entrance into Bartley Residences is NOT along Bartley Road but at Lorong How Sun, which is accessible via How Sun Drive (along Bartley Road) or Quemoy Road (along Paya Lebar Road). 

For those wondering about access to Bartley MRT, there is a side-gate located at one end of the development along Bartley Road which is next to an overhead bridge that will lead you across the road to where the MRT station is located. 

This access is also the most direct entry point into the estate by foot as it is a rather long walk from Bartley Road to the main entrance - visitors may be wise to call ahead and have the person you are visiting waits for you at this side-gate to let you in.

How Sun Road towards Lorong How Sun is a narrow two-lane road  - single lane in reality as you have cars parked on one side of the road.

And at the end of the Lorong How Sun is where the main entrance into Bartley Residences is located.

When we were there this morning, workers can still be seen doing the "final touch-up" to the development. Staring at the apartments towering ahead did make us feel a tad claustrophobic.

Swinging back to Bartley Road but across from the development, the wife and I noticed the site for Botanique @Bartley, a new project by UOL that is currently being built next door. We reckon that units in Bartley Residences situated next to and especially those that are directly facing its immediate neighbor may have to be patient with the sights and sound arising from the construction for awhile yet.

The other concern that we have is how close the units facing Bartley Road are from the road. Given that this road is very busy especially during weekdays, the wife and I really hope that the apartment windows are double-glazed for the sake of owners' sanity...

3 comments to ''Going on a spin around Bartley Residences..."

  1. Hi!! Can you do a review for Botanique @ Bartley? Thank you!!

  2. Hi Anonymous (July 19, 9:05PM): First off, the wife and I would like to apologize for this tardy reply. We have been getting quiet a few requests on our blog as well as via emails asking us to review projects like Sophia Hills Residences, North Park Residences, Adana and now Botanique @Bartley. However, one half of The Folks @SG PropTalk have been too busy (not to mention, stressed out) with her day job over the past months so much so that we are unable to find time to visit these showflats. And since we are so accustomed to operating as a team, it is simply no fun doing this alone!

    Having said that, the wife and I do realize that a review is long overdue, while our "addiction" to showflat is gradually beginning to bite. So we will TRY to put up another review over the next week or so... which project exactly we have yet to decide. Cheers! :)

  3. Hi there,
    There are peeps, like me, who miss reading your honest and forthright reviews of projects :)
    Looking forward to your writing... BTW, between Adana and Botanique, the latter showflat is more appealing.. But that's just me...