d'Leedon: Taking a peek at the "designer series" show apartment (3+Study)

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During our "walkabout" at d'Leedon last weekend, the wife and I have also visited a couple of the "designer series" show apartments. We will like to share the photos we took and our "2 cents" on one of the 3-bedroom types.

But first, the lift lobby. The wife and I are a tad disappointed with what greeted us upon exiting the lift. The lobby area looks very "cold"... in all sense of the word. The area is certainly very windy as we are on the 34th floor and with both ends of the lift lobby open and unblock, it creates a "wind tunnel" effect. But it almost feel as if we are standing in the lift lobby of some industrial building given the stark design and feel. 

The stairwell also functions as the bomb shelter area  - so you will not have to worry about what to do with that heavy metal door inside your apartment.


The unit concerned is a 1,292sqft 3-bedder (Type C2). There are quite a few layouts for the 3-bedroom apartment so if this unit type is not your cup of tea, do not despair - there are other configurations/facings to choose from.

As we enter the apartment, a longish corridor (read: waste of good space) splits into the living room/bedrooms to the left and kitchen/yard to the right. 


The wife likes the kitchen for its very functional u-shaped layout. So despite it being not very big on space, it is spacious enough for most cooking purposes.  And there are ample storage cabinets for your kitchen knit-knacks.

The yard is quite huge especially by current new project standards. And the large window opening may save you the need to air-dry your laundry in the balcony. 

The storage room is decent-size enough to house the helper if needed, while the bathroom directly opposite is small but adequate for its purpose.

Moving to the living/dining area, the wife and I are not particularly thrilled by the tiny space offered. The longish rectangular area looks kinda cramped even with the somewhat smallish furniture. And for a 1,200+sqft apartment that costs in excess of $2 million, the homogeneous-tile flooring seems a tad "cheap". 

The living room opens up to the balcony that is pretty good-size but we will rather 
a smaller balcony with more room in the living/dining area to compensate.

One of the common bedroom is actually quite decent-size but the other is less so (notice the scaled-down bed?). And you will have to deal with bay windows, as d'Leedon is probably one of the last few projects to still have these. 

The common bathroom is definitely good-size and the large window allows for good ventilation.However, the bathroom and toilet fittings are not much to shout about and no rain-shower!

The master bedroom is surprisingly spacious. And you get lots of light and good ventilation from the 2 walls of windows but will probably have to spend a fair bit on curtains/blinds to preserve your privacy. The wife is also not very pleased with the views from the master bedroom - both sets of windows look straight at the tower opposite so nothing much in terms of scenery to offer.

The master bathroom is almost an exact replica of the common bathroom in terms of configuration and size... including the "no rain-shower" bit!

. .

Overall speaking, the wife and I find that the living space for the 3-bedder (at least for this unit type anyway) seems small even for a 1,200+sqft unit. And if you are one that love to entertain at home, your guest list may be severely limited by the number of people you can fit in the living/dining room. And for over two million dollars a pop (more if you decide to purchase the fully-furnished "designer" unit), it doesn't seem that good a buy... not that we can afford it though. 

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