airbnb in your estate?

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Much has been said (and debated) so far about the pros and cons of allowing "short-term rentals" in private estate.

Now you can have your opinion heard in a survey that URA is conducting.

As far as the wife and I are concerned, we are not particularly thrilled with the idea of our estate being turned into a B&B/Motel/Hostel of sorts. But since we are but 1 strata-titled owner out of 240, we do not have much say if majority of the other homeowners deem it appropriate to open up their homes for short-term rentals. But the least we will expect is for such a majority to be sought via a vote during the AGM.

And in the event that the "short-term rental" motion gets passed, the wife and I will also expect that:

1. Registration of homeowners who are renting their homes for short-term stay with the Estate Management be made compulsory, so that they know who these households are.

2. Additional maintenance fee to be agreed during the AGM and levied on "short-term rental" homeowners for usage of common amenities and facilities by their guests - it is only equitable for these homeowners to pay for the "inconveniences" (plus the quicker wear-and-tear) that we are subjected to by having more people using the lifts in our block or having to contend with more (foreign) bodies dipping in our swimming pool.

3. All "short-term rental" homeowners to be directly liable for the actions and especially misdeeds of their guests - if a guest decides to use the common walls in our block to express his/her creativity or throws up into the pool after having one too many drinks, the homeowner concerned should be held accountable to make good on the cost to rectify the problem. Portals such as airbnb claimed that they have a very robust process of vetting their prospective hosts and tenants, but so did Uber... enough said!

So what's your views on letting airbnb (and the like) into your estate?


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