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The wife and I have visited the sales gallery of Bijou this week and after which, we decided to swing over to the actual site of the project to take a look.

Here are some photos we took of the site and its surroundings.

As we had mentioned in our previous post, the actual site of Bijou is located 
at the junction of Jalan Mat Jambol and Pasir Panjang Road - 
directly across from Pasir Panjang MRT station.

Entrance into the project will be along Jalan Mat Jambol, which is a slip road that 
leads into a residential enclave consisting of landed housings and condominiums. 
The road will also take you across to South Bouna Vista Road - where the 
famous boneless duck rice stall used to be.

The first observation that we made of the site is how small the plot of land is - we reckon that it is smaller than the size of a football field and are amazed by how the developer is able to squeeze 120 units (despite the relatively small unit sizes) into the 5-storey project.

For those wondering about the "view" that you will get from the apartments, units facing the front (i.e. main Pasir Panjang Road) will get either the Pasir Panjang Road view (lower-floors) or the West Coast Highway overpass view (the higher-floors). Some luckier apartments may be accorded with pocket sea-view on the right-hand side, amid all the cranes and containers.

Units at the back of the project are likely to face the private homes behind, which to the wife and I, is a much better view than what you get facing the front. Residents in these units are also likely to enjoy more peace and quiet, given that they do not face the busy Pasir Panjang Road/West Coast Highway. The one disclaimer that we need to make though, is that there is an adjacent plot of empty land behind the Bijou site - so there is a chance that the view of apartments facing the back may be totally blocked if the government decides to tender out this piece of land for property development. 

Overall speaking, the wife and I are not overly impressed with the location of Bijou
Yes you do get the convenience of a MRT station directly across the road (a big plus) 
but you also have to contend with the inconvenience of living right next to a 
busy vehicular overpass (a big minus).

We will post the review of our showflat visit in due course...

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