2014 private home sales report card

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The 2014 full-year tally for new private home sales (excluding ECs) has came in at about 7,380 units with 7,750 units launched. This was half the 14,950 units sold and 16,040 units launched in 2013.

Including ECs, a total of about 8,960 units were sold in 2014, out of the 10,260 units launched.

For 2015, analysts are expecting developer sales of 7,000 to 10,000 units. Prices of private homes are forecast to drop by 5 to 8% after a full-year decline of 4% in 2014.

Info source: BT

The wife and I had penned our thoughts for 2015 in an earlier post. Here's the link again for those who are interested


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