We've turned FIVE!

By The Folks @PropTalk - December 10, 2014 2 Comments

It's funny how the wife and I kept messing up on the anniversary date of our blog. So rather than harping on the specifics (and our suspected dementia), we will just go on to say that it was 5 years ago this week that we started our little blog that is SG PropTalk.

The past year was one hell of a ride. The wife and I took a one-year hiatus from our blog because our day jobs were taking a toll on us. And as we have always maintained, we would rather stop writing than go through the motion of putting "stuff" on our blog that we ourselves wouldn't read.

It was not until June of this year that we resumed blogging actively. By that time, the private home market had become a different kettle of fish compared to where we left it a year ago. We are finally seeing some concrete signs of price easing, although some may argue that it is still not easing fast enough. This is all thanks to the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR), which is widely acknowledged to be the most effective of cooling measures implemented to date. And the dark clouds of over-supply are looming larger than ever before, causing some sleepless nights for developers and investors.

Speaking of cooling measures, the wife and I are also affected albeit in a slightly different manner. We have stayed put in our current home for the past 3 years, which is the longest ever that we have owned and stayed in any one apartment. However, we really enjoyed living in our estate so being "grounded" isn't much of a "loss" to us per se.
On the blogging front, the wife and I had finally decided to revamp our blog-site this year. The look and feel of our old site was getting somewhat dated so we felt it's time to freshen things up a notch. We had sought and incorporated inputs from our readers during the design process, which resulted in a modern new look, a new logo and our very own website address. And if we may said so.. not too bad for a DIY effort!

Content wise, we have included more articles on foreign properties in addition to our usual offerings of local property information and new project reviews. The wife and I have taken more active interests in overseas properties over the last 2 years, given the near impossibility to invest in local properties what with the many restrictions placed on purchase and subsequent sale. Despite the horror stories that one often hears about the complexity of overseas purchases and challenges in terms of actually making money out of such ventures, the wife and I believed that foreign property investment is not exactly rocket science - if one is interested and bothers to do the necessary homework before putting in his/her money, chances are that he/she will not go very wrong. The same principle applies whether you are buying local properties or foreign.

Having said that, our intention with each article/review/opinion piece is never about "selling". Contrary to the belief of some, the wife and I harbor no hidden agenda when come to the information and advice (when sought) that we provide on our blog. SG PropTalk serves as a resource library for us (yes, we often refer back to the articles we posted) and we want to share this resource with anyone whose interested (since it's already there anyway!). We believe in information sharing and telling you what we think, but leave whatever decision up to you.

More importantly, we always strive to provide our honest and objective opinion on all subject matter - we are not always right and there are bound to be differing views, but the wife and I hope to evoke enough traction among our readers so that SG PropTalk can eventually become the social platform for fellow property buyers/investors/watchers to share their opinions and viewpoints.

And speaking of opinions and viewpoints, our readers seemed to have become more "subdued" these days, if the number of recent comments on our blog is any indication. So we can certainly do with more readers' participation and we always appreciate your comments and feedback - the wife and I may not necessarily agree with you all the time but we are always prepared to agree to disagree. Emoji

Finally, the wife and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all supporters of SG PropTalk. 2015 looks to be a turbulent year for the local property scene and we look forward to riding whatever storm together with all of you!

The Folks @SG PropTalk

2 comments to ''We've turned FIVE!"

  1. Happy 5th Years Anniversary! Maybe the market is less active these days so ppl are not commenting much but I am sure that the silent majority are actively following yr blog.

  2. Hey congrats and keep up the good work!

    I do visit your blog very frequently, will take a mental note to add comments whenever I can next time.

    Happy anniversary!
    - Kenny