Photos we took around the site of 70 Saint Patrick's (Updated)

By The Folks @PropTalk - December 27, 2014 5 Comments

The wife and I happened to be in the Marine Parade vicinity this afternoon and decided to check out the actual site of 70 Saint Patrick's.

Construction of the project is already in full swing. There are two access points into the development - one from East Coast Road and the other from Telok Kurau Road. 

St. Patrick's Road (where the project takes its address) is a rather narrow stretch of road and lined with private homes on either side. So street parking along this stretch of road is almost impossible.

Swinging across to Marine Parade Road, it suddenly dawned on us that the frontage of 70 Saint Patrick's along this stretch of road is not as wide as we had originally imagined. The project definitely looked "sandwiched" between St. Patrick's Residences to its left and Grand Duchess at St. Patrick's on its right.

While the wife and I had mentioned in our review that quite a number of units between adjacent blocks in 70 Saint Patrick's looked too close for comfort with each other, reality bites when we actually get to see the distance between the two blocks (Blocks 86 and 88) facing Marine Parade Road. 

And speaking of Marine Parade Road, one question came to mind: how does one walk from 70 Saint Patrick's to the upcoming Marine Terrace MRT station located across from Marine Parade Road? 

The wife and I were told (during our visit to the sales gallery) that the developer cannot commit to a "side-gate" access from the development to the MRT station, as this is subjected to approval by the relevant government authorities. Failing which, residents will have to walk the full length of the external perimeter of the estate (i.e. the distance  between St. Patrick's Road and Marine Parade Road) to get to the station. 

But from what we can observe at the site, it is impossible to walk the external perimeter as the development is built right to the edge of St. Patrick Residences on one side and Grand Duchess at St. Patrick's on the other. So if there is no side-gate access from within the development to get to Marine Parade Road, residents will probably have to circle around Telok Kurau Road to reach the MRT station by foot - quite a workout even by fitness buff's standard. 

One possible solution is to incorporate some sort of pedestrian access via the maintenance gate, which leads to the maintenance shed. This makes the most sense to us, as the maintenance gate is already in the building plans, which we take it to mean that it is approved by the authorities.

Click on link below to read our previous review of 70 Saint Patrick's:

Update  (29 Dec 2014):
One of our readers has mentioned that a foot-path actually exist at the end of Jalan Tenggiri (refer to map above), which will enable future residents of Seventy Saint Patrick's to walk a much shorter distance to Marine Parade Road rather than having to circle around Telok Kurau Road.

The wife and I were rather perturbed that we missed the foot-path during our last site visit. So for the sake of correctness, we headed down to the site again to check out the foot-path for ourselves.

No foot-path was visible from the intersection of St. Patrick's Road and Jalan Tenggiri. All we could see was a landed home at the end of the road.

But as we drive towards the end of Jalan Tenggiri, we noticed the said narrow path on the left of the landed property and next to a storm-drain.

The foot-path leads to the bus-stop and overhead bridge on the same side of Marine Parade Road where Seventy Saint Patrick's resides. 

So yes, our reader was indeed right and the wife and I do have to apologize for our earlier omission. This is probably the same path that marketing agents were referring to all along (although it is technically not along the perimeter of the development itself).

Based on our estimates, it will probably take between 10 - 15 minutes to walk from the main entrance of Seventy Saints Patrick's to Marine Parade Road via this foot-path. And having an umbrella handy (especially during this time of the year) is advisable, given that you be subjected to the weather elements throughout the walk.

5 comments to ''Photos we took around the site of 70 Saint Patrick's (Updated)"

  1. Thanks for highlighting this. When I was at the showroom, I asked about the side gate (knowing that the entrance is at St Patrick Rd - the saleslady confidently pointed to me the gate facing Marine Parade Road. She did not mention anything about subject to approval, and now it dawned on me after looking at your picture that she was pointing at the maintenance gate!

    - Kenny

  2. vote for review on triling and common wealth tower. thank you

  3. There is a footpath/easement running leading to Marine Parade Road next to St Patrick's Residences at the end of Jalan Tenggiri so, even if there is no side gate leading to Marine Parade Road, one can take that footpath instead of making looping around Telok Kurau Road.

  4. You might be right. using Goole Street I can see the foot path from Jalan Tenggiri along the drain leading to bus stop on Marine Parade Road. Thanks for sharing that.

    I do think the internal layout of the unit is excellent and the interior design of the showroom nicely done. PSF is pricey for me, but hey, it sells! - Kenny

  5. Hi Anonymous (Dec 29, 12:37PM): Yes, you are right. The wife and I have confirmed the foot-path visually today and have issued an update on our blog-post. Thank you very much for letting us know.