Our final review for 2014....or so we thought!

By The Folks @PropTalk - December 30, 2014 3 Comments

The wife and I did say that we will do one final review before the end of this year. Although there were several suggestions made on which project we should see, we decided to go with our own preference (sorry guys) and headed to Sophia Hills @Mount Sophia yesterday afternoon.

Sophia Hills @Mount Sophia is a 99-year leasehold project jointly developed by Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments. The luxurious project sits at the top of Mount Sophia and will consist of 493 residential units. There are currently 3 conserved buildings on-site and these will be restored into a clubhouse, restaurant and a kindergarten cum childcare centre. 

When we arrive at the project site at Adis Road, the wife and I were greeted with "Launching Soon" banner (uh oh) in front of one of the conservation building mentioned.

The wife and I had made the mistaken assumption that the project was launched when it obviously has not. But rather than beating a retreat and head on to another showflat, we decided to explore the area surrounding Sophia Hills @Mount Sophia instead - an area that we must admit to not being familiar with.

The first thing that struck us was the size of the Sophia Hills site. The 250,000+sqft land parcel forms an almost a semi-circle shape around Adis Road and the adjoining Mount Sophia. 

The wife and I decided to drive around the outer perimeters of the site and recorded what we saw at various stops along the way. 
Stop #1
The conservation building at the intersection of Adis Road and Sophia Road, which used to house the former Nan Hwa Girls' School, will be home to the kindergarten and childcare centre that comes with the project.

Stop #2
As we drive up Adis Road and after passing two other small condos adjacent to the project, we got a glimpse of the site behind those hoard boards. The yellow building with red roof - atop the small hill - Olson Building - is one of the remaining buildings of the old Methodist Girls' School, which used to be sited here until 1992. 

Stop #3
We arrived at the end of Adis Road where it joins with Mount Sophia. Directly opposite to Sophia Hills is The Cathay Residences and adjoining Cathay Building.

This is also where the famous "100 steps" is supposedly located - the flight of stairs links Mount Sophia to Handy Road, located 100 feet below. The wife and I did not manage to see those stairs though.

Stop #4
The wife and I came to a lone building on the opposite side of the road from Sophia Hills that currently houses a pre-school. It was only later that we realized that this is THE iconic 120-year old "House On The Hill".

Stop #5
We drove away from the House On The Hill and down Mount Sophia - a quiet and serene stretch of road lined with trees. This is when we saw picture boards with information about the 3 conservation buildings. 

Other than Nan Hwa and MGS, the Sophia Hills site also used to house the Trinity Theloogical College Chapel.

Stop #6
We finally arrived at what will be the main entrance and driveway of Sophia Hills. This is also where the sales gallery and showflats will be located... once the project is launched. 

The white "pointy" building on the right of the photo is the Trinity Theloogical College Chapel, which will be converted into a fine dining restaurant. We can also see Olson Building (again), which was named after one of MGS' school principal, on the left. The building will become the clubhouse of Sophia Hills.

As we reached the base of Mount Sophia that joins to Sophia Road, the wife and I cannot help but be amazed by the amount of history that adorn the Sophia Hills site and its surrounding. We are now fans of the Mount Sophia area definitely looking forward to the project launch and hopefully the next time we come by, the sales gallery and showflats of Sophia Hills will be ready for viewing...

And as far as review is concerned, this is unfortunately the best that we can do for the final hurrah of 2014 (as the family will be off for a short getaway from later today). But the wife and I do look forward to bringing you more of our project reviews come 2015!

3 comments to ''Our final review for 2014....or so we thought!"

  1. Really enjoys reading all yr review on many of the projs. Will be very happy if u can do a 2nd review on Sophia Hills since the showflat is up. And also wish to see review on The Venue Residences.

  2. Hi Mush Mallow: Thank you very much for supporting our blog! The wife and I are glad to know that you enjoyed our reviews, which have been lacking in recent months due to our busier schedules. No promises on Sophia Hills or The Venue Residences but we will try. Cheers!

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