Introducing ... SG PropCare!

By The Folks @PropTalk - December 28, 2014 No Comments

Remember those "now who do I call to fix this" moments when the electricity in your house suddenly died for no apparent reason or when that burst water pipe turned your bathroom into a mini wadding pool?

The wife and I certainly had our fair share of those misadventures. If only we had some "fixers" whom we could rely upon then ... better yet if they do not charge an arm and leg!

Hence, the wife and I have embarked on SG PropCare - a forum to collate and share a list of reliable, efficient and value-for-money contractors, handyman and other home-related service providers. And instead of your typical "advertised" site, recommendations will be made by our readers for our readers. And through such peer-to-peer sharing and review, we believe that recommendations are more likely to be "trial and tested", current and relevant.

To reduce the possibility of "phantom recommendations and reviews" (we probably cannot eliminate these entirely), access to SG PropCare will strictly be for registered users only. Lest you worry, registration is a fairly simple process and do not require you to provide us with your life history... or credit card details for that matter.

And to kick things off, the wife and I will (over the course of the next few days) share some of our known contacts that we have enjoyed working with. And in return, we seek your support to add to the list and also give us with your feedback on the services provided by the companies listed.

The only way to make SG PropCare become the useful resource that we envisioned is through your participation. And together we can make SG PropCare the go-to place for all our fix-it needs!

You can access SG PropCare forum by selecting the option in our Main Menu or by clicking on the link below

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