Amber Skye: Photo review of the 2-Bedroom Loft

By The Folks @PropTalk - November 17, 2014 No Comments

After wandering around Shinjuku for the past 4 days, with side-trips to Takao-san, Harajuku and the happiest place on Earth (according to our 10yo son) - Disneyland, the family and I are about ready to head home.

And until we do, here is the second part of our review for Amber Skye...sorta.

Below are the photos we took of the 2-bedroom Loft.

In case you are wondering about the way-too-generous amount of space in the living/dining area, the common bedroom wall was removed to make way for the additional space. The white arrows indicate where the original bedroom is at. 


The utility room is fully enclosed (no windows) and there is no yard area for this unit type. So you are dependent on the dryer or alternatively, airing your laundry (hopefully, clean) in the balcony.


The kitchen (or rather, Kitchenette) is not too conductive for any form of serious cooking.

The master bedroom is huge. And so is the master bathroom!


The wife and I reckon that the 2-bedroom loft is most ideal for DINKs that do not cook very much at home. 

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