Thursday shout-out!

By The Folks @PropTalk - October 23, 2014 No Comments

Hope your day's been productive and traffic heading in/out of work today was smooth.

1. Readers' Survey 2014
You probably would have seen our many "pleas" by now regarding the above. While the wife and I have received quite a few responses so far, we are still seeking more participation, which will in turn provide us with better insights to our readers. 

We will close the survey this Sunday night and will share some of the findings and suggestions on our blog next week. So for those who has yet to complete the survey, please do us this little favor by Sunday. Thank you!

2. Marina One
We had received several requests to review this high-profile project. And being the "suckers for pain" that we are, the wife and I had decided, for a change, to write to M+S to seek their collaboration on the review. 

More than a week had passed and still "no sound no picture" from them (which we ought to expect). Oh well... don't try, don't know... right?

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