Readers' Survey 2014: The results

By The Folks @PropTalk - October 28, 2014 No Comments

First off, the wife and I would like to thank our readers that had taken time to respond to our survey. Your inputs are much appreciated and have definitely given us more insights about you and what you think about SG PropTalk.

And to those who have been coming to read our blog often enough and yet do not deem us worthy of that 5 minutes of your time, well... it takes all kinds to make this world so no hard feelings here. We'll just go on thinking that you probably do not have a Google account that's necessarily to participate in our survey. Emoji

Back to the order of the day: The wife and I had received over 10 responses during the course of the 2 weeks. And as promised, here are our findings from the survey: 

1. All but one of you had supposedly stumbled upon SG PropTalk while surfing the Internet.

2. More than 90% of you actually visit SG PropTalk at least once a week, with a couple of you saying that you do so on a daily basis (thank you!).

3. When comes to the purpose of visiting SG PropTalk, we get quite an even split between those who are researching to buy/invest and those who just love reading about property.

4. Content wise, most of you found that SG PropTalk is somewhat informative although 25% deemed us very informative. And nobody said we are a load of crap (phew!) or maybe you are just far too polite to say so!

5. 75% of you enjoyed reading the most about our new project reviews. But we were again surprised to learn that 25% actually valued our random thoughts and opinions more than anything else - so there ARE people out there that actually give a damn about what we think and say! Emoji

6. Although 40% of you do not visit the Discussion Forum, we reckon that it is still relevant to the other 60% who do visit it occasionally. The wife and I are looking to revamp the Forum a bit but are still pondering on how to do so. Suggestions?

7. In terms of geography, it is hardly any surprise that the majority of you reside in Singapore, although we do have 2 respondents currently living overseas.

8. When comes to whether you will recommend SG PropTalk to your friends and family, this is a resounding "been there, done that" - thank you and please keep spreading the word about us!

9. And on the subject of property-related seminars, more than 50% of you had indicated that you will try to make time for it. While there is nothing in the near horizon in terms of our very own seminar, we have started informing readers about third-party seminars that we deemed " worth attending".

In addition, the wife and I had received some comments/suggestions that we wish to highlight and respond to:

1)     Suggestion of maybe we can update readers of any left-over units from developer's fire sales - the wife and I will be delighted to oblige. Only problem is that we are not exactly on the "speed dial" of any developer (yet). Then again, SG PropTalk is probably not "high profile" enough to be deemed worthy of their time. But whatever info that we get, we be sure to pass it on to our readers.

2)     Suggestion that we should start a minimal advisory fee service for "novice" property buyers - the wife and I did try to embark on such with SG PropConsult but this sorta died a premature death due to lack of time on our part. Another consideration is that if we do start (or re-start) a service as such, what kinda take-up rate can we expect? We would love to hear more from our readers on this one.

3)     Suggestion that we start a buy/sell section of properties that we have vetted and deemed "a good buy" - there are already tons of such online (although none are "vetted" to any degree) so we are unsure if there is really demand for another property buy/sell column on our blog. Again we would love to get more inputs from our readers on this.

4)     Finally, we (or rather, I) had a request to perhaps not to address my wife as "the wife" and revert to the more proper "my wife" instead. This is not the first such request that we have received over the years. Although our English teachers will probably frown big-time on our use of "the wife and I", the phrase has become synonymous with our blog over the years. And if the wife (okay, MY wife) has no issue with it, we (I) do not see the need to conform for the sake of it.

Well, there you have it! Our sincere thanks once again to those who have helped us with the survey. The wife and I are looking forward to hearing more of your inputs on the suggestions made. But you have to pardon us for not holding our breaths while waiting for these... Emoji

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