Photo of Concourse Skyline

By The Folks @PropTalk - October 26, 2014 4 Comments

The wife and I happened to be at Jalan Sultan this morning and managed to capture this photo of Concourse Skyline.

Incidentally, we were standing along the walkway of Keypoint, which will soon be demolished to make way for City Gate.

Despite the two sites being just diagonally across from each other, the wife and I will much prefer the location of Concourse Skyline over City Gate

4 comments to ''Photo of Concourse Skyline"

  1. What you think of City Gate?
    It has quite a bit of facilities in it compounds as compared to other city condo.

  2. Hi Anonymous (Oct 26, 8:59pm), we will prefer to reserve our opinion on City Gate till after we visit the sales gallery.

    The wife and I did pass by the gallery this morning but it was far too crowded for our comfort.

  3. I went to the gallery 2 months back on a late afternoon and I was the only one there (other than agents).

  4. Hi Anonymous (Oct 27, 10:30pm), the crowd we saw was probably a spill-over from Australia 108, which share an adjacent space within the sales gallery.