Here's some clever ideas for more space!

By The Folks @PropTalk - October 17, 2014 No Comments

The showflats @Eco Sanctuary provided some rather clever ideas of how buyers can take advantage of the 3.4m-high ceiling to work in more space within their smallish apartments.

The designers have elevated one of the beds in the common bedroom of the 3-bedroom unit (990sqft). This frees up valuable real estate on the ground. It will also mean that the bedroom can be comfortably shared by two children and still have enough room for a study area within.

The wife and I especially loved the creativity put into the 2+Study unit (732sqft). The walls between the common bedroom and study are partial demolished and elevated platform beds are built on top of each room and connected via a common staircase. This design means that buyers do not have to sacrifice the study should they need a second bedroom for their kids or domestic helper.

We were told that the developer is able to accommodate requests for the elevated platforms to be built into the units upon purchase... at additional costs, of course.

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