Photos we took of Trizon...

By The Folks @PropTalk - September 24, 2014 No Comments

The wife and I had passed by Trizon many a time since its TOP, whenever we had to ferry our son to/from school. 

We finally decided to make a pit-stop and take a couple of photos of the development this afternoon. 

When we first reviewed Trizon back in 2010, the average selling prices then were in the range of $1,400 - 1,600psf. Prices had hit a high of $2,043psf in July 2012 but given the less than favorable market conditions especially over the past year, the 4 resale transactions that were completed this year have hovered around $1,428 - 1,659psf. 

This is one development that the wife and I have a "hate then love" relationship with - you know what we mean if you have read our review. And it remains in our "wish list"... perhaps in a couple of years.

Click on link below to read our previous review on Trizon:

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