The Interlace (as of 9th March 2013)

By The Folks @PropTalk - March 9, 2013 17 Comments

The wife and I were on our way to lunch today when we managed to snap a photo of the almost complete project that is The Interlace.

Architectural marvel or "coffins stacked on top of each other"? We let you decide...

17 comments to ''The Interlace (as of 9th March 2013)"

  1. i thought they were too oblongish too. Are you out hunting for good deals too?

  2. How about the new launch called bartley ridge? Is it a good deal?

  3. The Folks @PropTalkMarch 10, 2013 at 1:11 PM

    New Launch,

    Is that a rhetorical question?

    We reckoned YOU already have an answer, given that you have dedicated a page of your website on this (and other) projects.

    But feel free to "advertise"....just remember not to spam our blog.


  4. I did not like the archetitural design of the Interlace during its construction phase too, but I start to admire it every morning while driving from west coast to town to work recently. It is quite beautiful from a distance. I learnt from the developer's website just now that the inspiration for the project was the hillside villages of Greece island- Santorini. Having travelled to Santorini before, I must said it does look somewhat alike from a far distance. This is the usual issue of art or architectural which is a form of express art, the beauty is in the beholder's eyes. Let us remember this and also be careful of negative word such as "coffin" which is a taboo to our very Asian community, you may anger some of your reader. I suggest your blog editorial team may want to re-phrase it or even apology to your readers who may be homeowners of this project. Remember there has been various online fight due to "insensitive" words used.

  5. Hi Folks, If in your mind, you think "coffin", we readers want to read it. It sure did put a private sniggers and wicked smile to a few readers i am sure. It was amusing insight.

    Else, other ppl dont read lor. this is your private frank view and your BLOG.

    Santorini Greece?...Developer mentioned that of the coffin place (dug up already, not Biden-dairy)...Sky Hobitual.... say look like Grecce santorino too...chay....

  6. The Folks @PropTalkMarch 11, 2013 at 9:56 AM

    Hi Anonymous (11/3/13, 9:06AM),

    Thank you for the kind words of support.

    One problem with Singapore as a society is that despite the talks about being open and inclusive, many people are still rather prudish when comes to opinion making.

    While the wife and I agree that sensitivity should prevail and freedom of speech should not be an excuse for slander or bullying, there should also be space allowed for alternative viewpoints and expressions.

    And it seems like we are not the only folks that make the "coffin" comment...

  7. Now that it's more or less built, i personally do not really like the design given that it seems congested, but then again, if u manage to choose a nice stack with a good view, I'm sure this is a piece of art.
    My friend who own an advertising firm snapped up one unit years ago..

    Since u guys visit showflats for fun (just like me...before i came into the real estate industry), why not pop by HillView Peak next week? Will you and your Mrs be on my VVIP guest-list for the preview?

    Give me the pleasure by making an online appointment with me here

  8. The Folks @PropTalkMarch 12, 2013 at 3:25 PM

    Hi Diane,

    The wife and I appreciate your kind gesture but we will have to pass on your invite.

    Things have been rather busy at our end, so much so that we havent gone showflat-hopping for quite awhile now.

    Coincidentally, we were at Bukit Timah Food Centre for lunch yesterday and some marketing agents were there distributing flyers for Hillview Peak. The project is supposedly minutes walk away from the upcoming Hillview MRT station, so it should generate quite a fair of buyer interests esp with the latest "cooling measures" on car purchases.

    Good luck on your sales anyway!

  9. Hey PropTalk! Sure! if you wanna pop by just let me know

    Yeah.....was thinking of getting a new car when the COE 'drops' but I didnt see this one coming, LOL!

  10. Nice photo and description.
    But please don't say 'coffin' -we don't know what that is..use urns or say BRA (boxes for resting ashes).

  11. Actually I have always felt it looks like shoeboxes piled up on top of each other. Like when you are in a shoe shop and you are trying on different sizes and types, and the saleperson piles them up next to you :-)

  12. Interlace is not for the masses! It is a piece of art, a masterpiece something that will not appeal the taste of everyone. The fact that it is getting so much attention reflects the amount of interest people have in this property! I have always admired its design right from the time it was first launched, I would have certainly bought it if my budget allowed. The generous room sizes, the central location, bus stops at the door step, free shuttle bus, amazing condo facilities, proximity to CBD and top notch educational institutes from Lorna Whiston to NUS makes it a perfect place to live, work and play!
    Now there is one more reason I would visit Hort Park- to view Interlace and admire the beauty of this picture perfect landmark...

    SG Prop talk, I had great respect for your blog and your views but calling someones house a "coffin" doesn't reflect "alternate viewpoint"! There is a thin line between freedom of expression and its abuse. Let's not stoop down just because someone else does!

  13. Please lah. Not happy dot read lor. Looks like coffin to me too ...haha...chuckle

  14. I like, I like! It's different Singapore needs to open up.. We are not receptive to innovation. Prices of this condo are shooting up mah :)

  15. But, URA shows only 162 units sold till now out of 1040...only 2 transaction in Mar'13. Pity the developer...wish him good luck...

  16. Please get your figures correct! 162 units were sold between march 2011-march 2013, that's about 7 units per month which is great. It was launched in Septermber 2009, and out of the 360 units released 233 were sold within the first week. Currently, less than 15% of units are left most of which have recently been launched(garden units). This is fantastic sales for such a huge project. This project will redefine "Owners pride, neighbors envy"!

  17. Hi Anonymous, thanks for this. Helps those who are genuinely interested in this interesting project. Will check out the show flat this saturday. Hopefully, can find a home :)