We were Yahoo-ed!

By The Folks @PropTalk - January 24, 2013 1 Comment

THE wife and I were told that our recent blog entry entitled "A home buyer's lament: Here's some relief?" was featured in Yahoo! Singapore News today. While we are strong advocate of information sharing and have no qualms about agreeing to requests from other blogger/blog site to repost our entries, today's feature did catch us totally by surprise.

THE wife and I decided to take a peek at the Yahoo! Singapore News article and besides having quite a few chuckles over the various comments made on the article, we have these thoughts:

1. Yes, we do not have all the answers but then again, we never profess that we do.

2. We have always maintained that whatever we have written are strictly our opinons, so anyone taking what we said as facts is either a huge fan (one can always hope!) or he/she truely believes that we make (some) sense. But nobody is pointing a gun at anybody to take what we said as the gospel truth.

3. Even if we are wrong (which certainly will happen from time to time and if so, we really don't mind being corrected), we hope our entries will at least invoke responses from people who may have the correct answers. This will provide opportunities for those who don't know to learn from those who do.

4. We appreciate someone educating us on the difference between "unusable" and "unhabitable" space. But if AC ledge is indeed classified as "unhabitable space", then we are really surprised when the same someone claimed that "most projects do not have unhabitable space to begin with" - THE wife and I probably need to get our heads checked because if our memories served us right, most of the new projects (including "shoeboxes") that we had seen over the past 3 years have rather large AC ledge/space.

5. We are also grateful to be taught the difference between "covering over" and "enclosures". Having said that, nobody ever said anything about "covering up of roof terraces". Despite our limited English abilities, we believe that "having covered structures built on top of open roof terraces" is quite different from "covering up of roof terraces". And if anyone still insists that the former is prohibited in older estates, he/she has obviously not been to Lakeview Estate!

6. And before this becomes the subject of another Yahoo! News Singapore article (or the National Conversation, for that matter), THE wife and I wanna go on record to say that there is just THE one and only wife... and we shall leave it at that.



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