We've been "cupcaked"..!

By The Folks @PropTalk - September 26, 2012 3 Comments

The wife and I have received an email last evening from our friendly neighborhood Press Holdings. We have unknowingly infringed on their copyright by posting scanned newspaper articles on our blog.

And given our humble means, we certainly cannot afford the 500+ dollars per article per year of licencing fee that we are required to pay to continue posting these articles on our blog.

As such, we have spent a large part of last night/today removing the scanned articles. We have (as much as possible) provided  references to the related newspaper article that had previously accompanied each of these postings, so that you may go seek the said article from the rightful owner if so desired. But in case you come across one our posting that has "missing" content, you now know why.

Call us "Sua Ku" (mountain tortoise in Hokkien) but the wife and I have just learned that a certain cupcake shop owned by some local celebrity couple had run into similar issue a few months back.  So are we supposed to feel important now..? Hmm....


To the good folks at our friendly neighborhood Press Holdings: We apologize for our ignorance and endeavor not to post scanned copy of anything that you have copyrighted on our blog in future.

And to Cristal (you know who you are): Apologies but there'll be more delays in catering to your request given the sudden "fire" that we had to fight.

"Never pick a fight with a man who buys his ink by the barrel" - Mark Twain


3 comments to ''We've been "cupcaked"..!"

  1. those pple are bunch of spin doctors
    and one sided x-holes
    no loss, loss

  2. will blog shut down?

  3. Ai Ya. Lets be gracious Singaporeans and share share.
    They should be thankful to find their articles here.
    If not, we won't be reading those articles at all. Opps. The truth is out. Hyak Hyak.
    Anyway, THAT is the purpose of the PRESS, right? To educate the mass public, so as long as we get educated, no need to get so serious although tonight it is full moon. Woooooooh....
    But you did right -- eggs don't need to fight with rock. Just know that your readers we eat eggs; we don't eat rocks.

    PS: Happy Hols, Mr PropTalk & the Wife:
    Keep up the great stuff you are writing. We appreciate!
    You gays should be very glad that now you are under the full moon radar of Big Brother.
    That is something awesome, man & the wife!
    Maybe someone in Google or Facebook will offer you MILLIONS of MOONCAKES very soon to buy over this website ... Happy for you. Cheerio!