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And in the spirit of "Don't Ask Don't Know, Right?"...

- September 30, 2012 1 Comment

No harm trying, especially since we were given the impression that foreigners like those from mainland China and Indonesia are "so rich they don't know where to spend their money on".

Oh, we can offer causal friendship too. Just don't ask either (or both) of us to get inside a car with you to go to some deserted carparks...

Left-click on image to enlarge:

But seriously, we pray that this is not a reflection of the mentality that our younger generation possesses these days.

Have a great week ahead!


Private apartments under $1 million

- September 29, 2012 2 Comments

The Straits Times ran an article today about private apartments that are still going for under $1 million these days.

The wife and I decided to save you the trouble (in case you are interested in any of the projects) by providing you with the caveats lodged at these developments for the past year.

Although most have indeed gone for less than 1mil as reported, we suggest not holding your breath on buying an apartment at the price indicated in the ST report as most seemed to be anomalies rather than norm. Then again, it's always tempting to report what people want to see/read...

Toh Tuck Lodge:

Sembawang Cottage:

Lakeside Tower:

Elias Green:

Phoenix Heights:

Casa Emerald:

The Florida:

Lakeside Apartment:

Park View Mansion:

Tampines Court:


SRPI up 1% in August

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Prices of resale private homes edged up 1 per cent in August, reversing a 0.6% drop in July.

This is according to the Singapore Residential Price Index (SRPI) flash estimates published by the Institute of Real Estate Studies at National University of Singapore.

The August statistics show that resale private property prices across the island continued to advance in August over the previous month.

In particular, the prices of private homes in the non-central region increased 1.5%, compared to a 0.6% decline in July.

Nicholas Mak, executive director at SLP International Property Consultants, said the growth momentum in the prices of non-central private homes has been the steadiest.

While the sector reported price declines in a few months over the past year, he said overall prices of private homes in the non-central area increased by 4.5% year-on-year .

Meanwhile, prices of homes in the central area climbed 0.5%, recovering from a 0.5% dip over the previous month.

Small apartments with a floor space of 506 square feet and below continued to see prices increase by 0.8% in August.

On a year-on-year basis, Mr Mak added that prices of units in the central area dipped 1.5%, while the overall price of small apartments dropped 1.0%.
Source: Channel News Asia

Sorry but we will not be publishing the full report from The Straits or Business Times. Not that we wouldn't ... but couldn't. Have a good weekend!


We've been "cupcaked"..!

- September 26, 2012 3 Comments

The wife and I have received an email last evening from our friendly neighborhood Press Holdings. We have unknowingly infringed on their copyright by posting scanned newspaper articles on our blog.

And given our humble means, we certainly cannot afford the 500+ dollars per article per year of licencing fee that we are required to pay to continue posting these articles on our blog.

As such, we have spent a large part of last night/today removing the scanned articles. We have (as much as possible) provided  references to the related newspaper article that had previously accompanied each of these postings, so that you may go seek the said article from the rightful owner if so desired. But in case you come across one our posting that has "missing" content, you now know why.

Call us "Sua Ku" (mountain tortoise in Hokkien) but the wife and I have just learned that a certain cupcake shop owned by some local celebrity couple had run into similar issue a few months back.  So are we supposed to feel important now..? Hmm....


To the good folks at our friendly neighborhood Press Holdings: We apologize for our ignorance and endeavor not to post scanned copy of anything that you have copyrighted on our blog in future.

And to Cristal (you know who you are): Apologies but there'll be more delays in catering to your request given the sudden "fire" that we had to fight.

"Never pick a fight with a man who buys his ink by the barrel" - Mark Twain


Regent Canalside in Camden (London)

- September 25, 2012 No Comments

Back in July, the wife and I have posted about investing in private homes in London.

One project we mentioned about was Regent Canalside located in Camden town (London NW 1).

And before we say anything more, we must first declare that we do have some vested interests in this project.

Colliers is marketing Regent Canalside in Singapore this coming weekend. We understand that the project has been quite well-received thus far, with prices already increased by about 200 Pounds/sqft (27 Sep 2012 Update: We just learned that the price increase is more like 100 Pounds/sqft) from its "pre-launch" prices. As such, the developer has decided to move from its original payment schedule of 10% down with balance 90% upon TOP to 10% + 5% with balance 85% upon TOP. However, we are uncertain if the payment schedule will remain as (10 + 5 + 85)% this weekend.

So if you are looking at property investment in London and have some free time this coming Saturday or Sunday, do drop by at The Regent Singapore to have a look.

One advice for those who decide to purchase an apartment at Regent Canalside (this may seem elementary but you be surprised how often people take such thing for granted): do ensure that what is agreed during the negotiation is accurately reflected in the reservation form that you sign on. This will help avoid any "miscommunication" issues that may arise in future.

Click on link below to read our previous post about investing in a London home:


The Real Deals (20-09-2012): All about the TSL

- September 20, 2012 No Comments

This is one for those who are currently living along/near the upcoming Thomson Line (if you are prepared to wait till 2019 that is) or seeking to buy around the areas.

Click on link below to access the report:


Enbloc News: Green Lodged sold...finally!

- September 18, 2012 No Comments
This must be at least the third attempt for Green Lodge.

Another good example of perseverance pays!

Reference: "Green Lodge sold for $191.888 million" - The Business Times, 18th Sep 2012


August home sales: Spooked by Hungry Ghost... again!

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The wife and I are finally back after one week in Vegas.

The good o "Hungry Ghost Month" effect. Looks like superstition still rules the Singapore property market scene...

Reference: "Private home sales down 27% in August"- The Business Times, 18th Sep 2012"


Breaking News: Thomson View sold for $590 million!

- September 6, 2012 No Comments
Thomson View Condominium, a 99-year leasehold residential development located along Upper Thomson Road, has been sold en bloc for $590 million.

Its marketing agent HSR International Realtors said in a statement that this is the largest collective sale deal outside the prime districts of 9, 10 and 11.

It added that the deal reflects the return of confidence among major developers for collective sales sites.

Depending on the size of each unit, the current owners could pocket between $1.62 million and $3.59 million from the sale.

HSR said this represents an en bloc premium of 30% to 40% above the current resale prices of individual units.

Thomson View Condominium comprises 200 units of residential apartments, 54 townhouses and a shop unit.

Under the Master Plan 2008, the site is zoned for residential use with a gross plot ratio of 2.1 and maximum height of up to 24 storeys.

HSR said the unit land price of Thomson View Condominium works out to be about $712psf ppr.

And the developer will have to make payments to the state for enhancing the intensity of the site's use and for topping up the site's current lease term of 62 years back to 99 years.

All in, HSR said the total investment costs including construction, fees, interests, taxes and acquisition costs for a new residential project is estimated to be around $1.1 billion.

The deal is subject to approvals by the Strata Title Board (STB) and relevant authorities.
Source: Channel News Asia

Looks like there IS (en bloc) hope yet for estates like Lakeview Estates...

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