Singapore turns 47: Our THREE wishes for Singaporean...

By The Folks @PropTalk - August 9, 2012 1 Comment
Now that the fireworks are done and rumours over a certain senior (make that VERY senior) member of cabinet not being able to attend this year's NDP is quashed, the wife and I would like to share with you all our 3 wishes for Singaporean on this joyous occasion:

1. May we never suffer the indignation of having a BTO/HDB project built within a 50-metre radius of our Condo/DBSS apartments. And same goes with hospices and nursing homes too! Surely with these being so close to our apartments, our view will be affected and the resale price will fall, right?!

2. And speaking of hospice and nursing home, may we never have to end up in one of those when we grow old. They will likely be located in some god-forsaken parts of Singapore far far away from those nice (younger) folks living in their public and private housing estates, or worse, in JB.

3. And for shoebox-owning couples who are looking to be tapped like an EZ-link card or have a bao stuffed in their ovens this National Night, may you be allowed to keep your shoeboxes and buy a second (bigger) HDB flat to live in once your baos are... steamed. Since you are starting a family purely because the government wants more babies, they surely must do better than them baby bonuses and 6-month maternity leave, right?! Heck, they should probably throw in the $900 stroller and first pick at any primary school too...

Disclaimer: DO NOT take us seriously on the above!

Happy Birthday, Singapore! 



1 comment to ''Singapore turns 47: Our THREE wishes for Singaporean..."

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