Thomson Grand Clubhouse: Faberge no more..?

By The Folks @PropTalk - July 23, 2012 No Comments
The wife and I received a rather interesting email from Luxury Green Development Pte Ltd last Friday. For those who are unaware, Luxury Green Development is a member of The Cheung Kong Group, who is the developer of Thomson Grand.

The email served to inform us that the clubhouse of Thomson Grand has ceased to be called Faberge. As such, we are to cease all references to Faberge in relation to their clubhouse and remove such reference in any or all of our advertisement, commercial materials, and/or our websites, if applicable.

So, is this a case of not wanting to be associated with an egg (albeit a famous one) anymore, or the developer has finally come to the realisation (2 years after the project was launched) that they might have gone OB on the copyright marker? Hmm....

ANYWAY, if the good folks at Luxury Green Development are reading this, we have strikeout the word "Faberge" from our blog postings about Thomson Grand. And yes, we did receive your email.

Click on link below to read our previous review of Thomson Grand (minus Faberge):


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