And speaking of Watercolours in Pasir Ris....

By The Folks @PropTalk - June 2, 2012 4 Comments
The wife and I must admit we do not know much about the selection/purchase process for Executive Condominiums (ECs).

But here is what we are perplexed about:  For a project that is supposedly more than two times oversubscribed, why were only 91 of the 416 units sold during the first day of booking? Wouldn't people who have been selected to buy be all rushing to pick the best units once the doors of sales gallery are opened, or is this not how things work with ECs??

We will be most grateful if someone can enlighten us on this.


4 comments to ''And speaking of Watercolours in Pasir Ris...."

  1. The crash is coming ...

  2. I was one of the e- applicants. Indicative price was 680-720 (not including pes or penthouse unit) when the price was launched, most of the 4 bedder start at approx 730 psf. I think with that type if pricing might as well top up and buy at trilliant (which I think is already expensive) . Ec is supposed to be some sort of public housing scheme and traditionally prove to be good value as it is price 20% lower, but when compared to similar units at ripple bay, it is not 20% lower. I think most are waiting for the laUnch price of sea easta. In summary why buy when price at all time high, ec may have circumvent that risk by pricing it 20% lower. Since it is not, might as well wait on the sidelines and see what happen next.

  3. Yes - "THE CRASH" ... Haven't we heard enough about it coming and coming and coming. Till now, it is still not here.

    I agree with the comment made 3/6/12 6:47 AM by Anonymous. The EC pricing needs to be 20% lower than the other similar fully private condos else it is not wise to jump into the EC project.

    I'm just curious - why are ECs not located in mature estates? Imagine an EC in Bishan? WHOA!

  4. Hi Marc

    There's already two ECs launches in Tampines. Do you consider that as mature estate?