All about the subsale market....

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The Business Times today reported that a record 98.1% of 2011's subsales were still profitable even after counting the seller's stamp duty (SSD) where applicable as the overwhelming majority of the 2,337 units subsold last year had been purchased prior to the punitive SSD regime taking effect for units bought on or after Jan 14, 2011.

The average gain per unit for 2011 subsales was at a three-year high, according to a caveat analysis by Savills Singapore. Subsales refer to secondary market transactions in projects that have yet to receive a Certificate of Statutory Completion. Such deals are often seen as a guage of the level of speculative activity in the property market.
And for those wondering how shoebox units fared in the subsale market in 2011, the article below will throw some light on the subject.

Reference: "Shoebox units feature in last year's subsales"- The Business Times



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