Getting it off our chests (again)...

By The Folks @PropTalk - February 15, 2012 4 Comments

There have been some interesting exchanges of views between ourselves and our readers lately. This is especially heartening as it shows (in some small ways) that people actually pay attention to what we say and are "bothered" enough to offer their views/responses.

However, the wife and I felt compelled to reiterate the following:

• We are no experts on Singapore private residential properties and have always maintained as such. Any opinions/views that we have expressed and advice given (when sought) in our blog are strictly of a personal nature.

• We cannot be correct or accurate 100% of the time - this much we acknowledged and if we are wrong, we will gladly admit to it.

• It is not our intention to influence/direct our readers' decisions with regard to property-related matters (not that we can, anyway). Our main aim is to provide you with the necessary information and our thoughts to (hopefully) help you make better-informed decisions.

• We are not anti-investment, as some people may be led to believe. However, we do have some strong views pertaining to private home investments (based on our own experiences over the past 8 or so years), which we like to share on our blog.

• We have no axe to grind with any particular developer and we always try (operative word here) to be objective when comes to comments made about developers or projects.

• We believe that while providing information and opinions on our blog, we are also learning from our readers on stuff that we may not know/be aware of.

• While we sometimes (okay, make that often) defend our views vigorously (because we really believe in them), this does not imply that we do not value/respect alternate viewpoints from our readers. As we have said from the onset, we are really encouraged by the ongoing "debates" that we have generated in our blog.

• We are very concerned about property investors (particularly first-time or new buyers) who, during periods of property euphoria, may over-leverage or over-commit on properties that they cannot afford to hold for the long term (say, 5 - 10 years) . This is because we have experienced first-hand how a toxic combination of  property slump/rising home loan-rate can take its toll on personal finances and well-being.

So call us "old school" if you must, but the mind is only yours and yours alone to make. And if all else fails, the wife and I are pretty sure that you can find other websites/blogs out there that will say exactly what you wish to hear...

Have a great day ahead!


4 comments to ''Getting it off our chests (again)..."

  1. Two school of thought. The Chinese saying : "The little mice has not yet met the tiger (danger)" comes to mind. Please continue with your good work.

  2. Hi Folks @PropTalk,

    Personally I think your Blog has provided a honest information about the current property scene.

    I am also very sure that many people here are grateful for the "public service" you and your wife is providing in this blog.

    It is very obvious that you are concerned about the welfare people over commiting to property and this is most commendable.

    So please do not be too concerned if some people doesn't like listening to the truth. You have the support of the masses.

    Keep up your great work!

  3. -yes agree with TMR2,
    you can please at most 8o% of readers,so just ignore the rest

  4. Yep I also agree you have done good work on your blog, bearing in mind both of you still have your full-time work! Keep it up!