THE CASCADIA: Want to know how it looks like inside?

By The Folks @PropTalk - December 15, 2011 2 Comments

The Cascadia has received its Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) a few months ago. The wife and I had the opportunity to visit the development today and here are the photos we took.

The Cascadia has a total of 13 blocks. The "inner cluster" (Blocks 929, 931, 933, 935 & 937) are located at the back of the development. The 5 blocks are much too close to each other for our comfort, and we actually felt a tad claustrophobic walking around the grounds between these blocks. 

The "external cluster" (Blocks 921, 923, 925, 927, 941, 943 & 945) lined the swimming pools and water features that are located at the front portion of the development. The 7 blocks within this cluster are  better distance apart from each other, and most of the inner-facing units have nice view of the pool area. However, there seems to be a distinct lack of laundry drying area within the apartment units (a common problem with new developments these days) - you can see laundry hanging on the glass partition in many of the balconies, which is a shame.

The gym is located at the clubhouse next to the main pool. It is elevated so you get an excellent view of the swimmers and sun-tanners while you are running on the thread-mills.

The clubhouse also houses an outdoor lounge area and a function room.

The wife and I love the kid's pool - our son will probably spend hours playing here... if we are living in The Cascadia that is (one can always dream!)

There are two things within the development that we did not particularly like. The grounds (especially around the inner-cluster) are rather green but the vegetation are (at least in our opinion) a tad over-done. Maybe this is deliberate, i.e. to provide a sense of nature, but we find that it looked rather "upkept".

We also have an issue with the underground carpark.  Several sections have a huge "step-down" (see photo) with no retaining walls or dividing rails in between. Although the parking blocks at the back of each lot will prevent cars from rolling over the step, young kids and the elderly may trip over and really hurt themselves. The management should probably look into erecting some kind of barrier to prevent (human) accidents from happening.

For those who are interested in The Cascadia, you be pleased to know that there are still some "developer's unit" available. The sales office is on-site and you now have the added luxury of actually seeing what you are buying into.

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2 comments to ''THE CASCADIA: Want to know how it looks like inside?"

  1. Folks do you mean "Unkempt"? Looks like your blog is gaining traction with developers. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Hi ave,
    We actually used "unkept" to mean "not tidy or cared for", but we concur that "unkempt" is probably the better choice of word.

    And besides, it's 7 letters... a useful word to remember when comes to Scrabble! :)

    Have a great weekend!