A new year ahead... and a new page for SG PropTalk!

By The Folks @PropTalk - December 31, 2011 2 Comments

As we bid farewell to 2011 and welcome a brand 2012 in an hour or so, the wife and I would like to wish you a terrific year ahead. The private home market is shaping to be equally exciting next year (albeit for slightly different reasons), and we look forward to continue sharing our thoughts with you via SG Proptalk.

And with the new year comes new aspirations: During the past month, the wife and I have been toying with the idea of setting up a property consultation arm (of sorts) to complement SG Proptalk. This stamped from several enquiries we had received from readers on whether we do provide such service.

The consultation arm is currently still work in progress, but we have at least decided on its name - SG PropConsult.

We will be adding an additional page on our blog dedicated to SG PropConsult, which will provide information about the services that we can provide.

Our main aim with SG PropConsult is to provide potential home buyers with objective information/opinions/recommendations on both new and existing developments in Singapore to enable them to make better-informed decisions. So whether it relates to a report on specific development in question, or a recommendation report on developments within a specific area/district that best meet your purchasing criteria (pre-determined), we will be open to discussion to undertake the project (for a nominal fee, which will help reimburse us for our time, effort and petrol cost). We may also be able to connect you with property marketers that we have gotten to know (and trust) during the course of writing our blog, who may specialize in marketing developments in the location that you are interested in.

What we deemed unique about SG PropConsult is that you (the home buyers/investors) are our "clients", as opposed to a typical property-marketing arrangement whereby the agent's obligations are mainly towards the property seller.

Given the limited resources that the wife and I are operating with, we cannot realistically expect to take on every project that may come our way. Having said that, we are not even sure if there is actual demand for services from two "non-professional" property watchers. But we reckon that if we don't try, we will never know!

More details will be available on our SG PropConsult page soon. Meantime, please give us your thoughts about SG PropConsult.

Happy New Year everyone!

With best wishes,
The Folks @PropTalk


2 comments to ''A new year ahead... and a new page for SG PropTalk!"

  1. Thumbs Up. Good call. Charge a standard fee for consultation service for the buyer. If the fees are reasonable, there will be takers. You just need to list out specifically what you offer and what kind of consultation service/education that you can provide. Singaporeans are generally not familiar with the arrangement where they pay for advise ... but this needs to change. I would gladly pay a reasonable sum of money for people to "educate" me on my private property purchase using a UNBIAS approach. Think of it as an INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISER who doesn't have any link-up with any insurance agency. Completely independent and the only fee charged is for the advise.

    I am keen to see this take off. Please update on the status soon. Many thanks!