Pearlbank Enbloc Status: Erm...?!

By The Folks @PropTalk - May 27, 2011 4 Comments

More than a day has passed since the tender for Pearlbank Apartments closed at 3pm on May 25. However, there has been no news from anywhere concerning the tender status.

The wife and I are now wondering if Knight Frank is doing a "Pine Grove" on us all with regards to the tender result of Pearlbank...

If anyone has any update on the above collective sale, do share!

pearlbank apt2


4 comments to ''Pearlbank Enbloc Status: Erm...?!"

  1. Done a Pine Grove... this is funny!!! HDB released largest supply of BTO flats today. Oh goes on...

  2. i am also curious on the result of pearl bank. there are 2 schools of thought, 1 is that there are no bidders and they are just buying time to announce that, 2 is that there are couple of bidders and they are trying to get the most appropriate bidder as buyer

  3. the en block is over...... 3 more years to go.

  4. Doing a Pine Grove....I like that. New term to learn....haha....Seriously, whats the status of PG?