Enbloc News: Leong Bee Court... what's the deal?

By The Folks @PropTalk - April 18, 2011 No Comments

Some of you may have seen the advert in either The Straits or Business Times today.

As far as we know, the tender dateline was supposedly not till April 27.

So... did some developer offered an obscene amount of money to take the purchase private, or is it a case of "an offer in hand (although not quite the asking price) is better than none in the bush"?

Hopefully, the wife and I will have some answers over the next few days...

UPDATE (18/4/2011, 1:29PM): 
Thanks to one of our Anonymous readers, we now know that Leong Bee Court was sold to SP Setia for $65 million in a private deal. This is within the $60 - $65 million asking price. Click on below for the report.


The wife and I wonder why the above was not reported in any of the "major" newspapers today. Too busy with the GE hype maybe...?!

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