Lakefront Residences: View from each Block

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The wife and I were at the sales gallery of The Lakefront Residences last Sunday. Review to follow.

But this is for those who wonder about the view that the outer-facing apartments in each of the 3 blocks are likely to get.

Site Plan

The actual site of Lakefront Residences is not on the plot of land where the sales gallery sits. Rather, it is sandwiched between the sales gallery plot and The Caspian (another condo project that is currently under construction).
Actual Site

Block 42 is the one facing the apartments along Jalan Boon Lay and the MRT track. So not much of a view unless you really like cars, trains and buildings. The view of the condo grounds (reflection lake, waterfalls etc) may provide some consolation, but the wife and I reckon that it can get a tad noisy for apartments facing this direction.
Blk 42 view

Block 46 is supposed to get the park connector view. It is also likley to be the most "unblocked" - outer-facing units (especially on higher floors) will probably get a fairly good view of Jurong Lake/Jurong Lake District. However, the park connector currently looked no more than a long monsoon drain to the two of us. So there is still alot of work that needs to be done to beautify the connector.
Blk 46 view

Block 48 faces The Caspian, with tower blocks that are 17-storey tall (similiar to Lakefront Residences) - not much of a view to speak of here.
Blk 48 view

So of the 3 outer-facing "views", the best one is probably at Block 46 (facing the Jurong Park Connector) - after it gets the necessary "face-lift", that is. But our preference will be an inward-facing (mid-floor) unit that overlooks the swimming pools and clubhouse.

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