Lakefront Residences (Review - Part 1)

By The Folks @PropTalk - March 17, 2011 2 Comments
District:   22
Location:   Lakeside Drive (next to Lakeside MRT)
Developer:   Keppel Land
Tenure:   99-years leasehold wef August 210
Site Area:   approx. 173,000sqft
Development Type:   Condominium consisting of 3 blocks of 17-storey each
No. of Units:   629
No. of Parking Lots:   629 and some handicapped lots 
Expected TOP:   3Q 2014 (2015 on paper)

You probably have already heard the sales pitch: Lakefront Residences is located within close proximity to the new city centre in the west that will take shape by Jurong Lake over the next decade under the Remaking Our Heartland programme.

To be called Jurong Gateway, it will span an area the size of 70 football fields and be the largest commercial hub outside the Central Business District. It will be home to the Jurong General Hospital and Community Hospital, a mall with an Olympic-sized ice-skating rink, and office facilities. The plan will also involve building new waterways, 2800 hotel rooms and Lakeside Village.
Jurong Lake District

Before we get to our review, here are some facts about Lakefront Residences that you should be aware of:

Lakefront Residences is located literally at the doorsteps of Lakeside MRT station. In fact, some of the pillars that the MRT tracks stand on are located within the condominium grounds (a la The Metropolitan @Alexandra Road). There will be a sheltered walkway from the condo to the MRT station.

Lakefront Residences belongs to the minority of projects that do not come with bay windows or planter boxes.

• As of last weekend, about 600 of the 629 units have already been launched. Out of these, about 80% have already been sold.

• All the 4-bedroom units are fully sold.

As mentioned in our previous post, the actual site of Lakefront Residences is not where the sales gallery is sitting on – the project is on an adjacent plot between the sales gallery and The Caspian (another condo project comprising 712 units that is currently under construction).

The main entrance of Lakefront Residences will be on Lakeside Drive, which is also the address for the project. This road will also serve the entrance to The Caspian.
Location Plan

The unit types available at Lakefront Residences range from 1-bedder all the way up to 5-bedroom penthouses:

• 1-Bedroom (69 units): 484 – 506sqft (Typical), 581 - 710sqft (PES)
• 2-Bedrooms (158 units): 710 – 775sqft (Typical), 1033 - 1238sqft (PES)
• 3-Bedrooms (255 units): 990 – 1066sqft (Typical), 1302 - 1507sqft (PES)
• 3+Study (98 units): 1206 – 1216sqft (Typical), 1453 – 1711sqft (PES)
• 4-Bedrooms (32 units): 1389 – 1421sqft (Typical), 1604 – 1938sqft (PES)
• 3-Bedder Penthouses (6 units): 2077 – 2196sqft
• 4-Bedder Penthouses (9 units): 2024 – 2422sqft
• 5-Bedder Penthouses (2 units): 2896 & 2928sqft

The interior layout of each unit type is quite standard, so the two primary decisions you need to make are the number of bedrooms you need/want and whether you prefer a larger PES space (ground or top floor) or just a balcony.
Schemmatic Chart

Facilities wise, Lakefront Residences is a “full facility” condominium. So you can expect your fair share of swimming pools, dining pavilions and even a “sunken” tennis court!

Parking lot is available in the basement, but again this is limited to one lot per household as per most new condo projects these days.
Site Plan (Legend)Site Plan

Two showflat types are featured in the sales gallery:
• 1507sqft, 3-Bedroom (ground floor) – Type C1-G1
• 1938sqft, 4-Bedroom (ground floor) – Type D1-G1

You may be interested to know that the typical Type C1 (without PES) averages about 1001sqft, while a typical Type D1 (without PES) averages about 1400sqft. This means that the PES area of both Type C1-G1 and D1-G1 come up to more than 500sqft! No wonder the developer can afford to give away a cabana, which comes standard for all 3 and 4-bedder units on the ground floor.

As all the 4-bedroom units at Lakefront Residences are fully sold, we will focus our review on the 3-Bedroom showflat - this will be posted tomorrow.
  3-Brm (FP)


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