Have some fishball noodles in your shoebox...

By The Folks @PropTalk - February 20, 2011 No Comments

Yes, the wife and I have said before that we probably should give this subject a rest. But we just cannot help ourselves after reading this article in the Sunday Times today.

We can almost see Jansenboy furiously working on his spirited defense of shoebox units (we still love you though, Jansenboy). And yes, the writer is just another mere individual voicing his concerns about such apartment in a sea of thousands who have put their faith (and money of course) on such units.

But what the wife and I have yet to see...be it in the papers or better, on our blog... is for people that have bought into and taken possession of say, shoebox units of less than 400sqft, to come out and say with absolute honesty (i.e. cross my heart and hope to die) that they are happy with the living space that are accorded with their apartments and are delighted to live in them.

Until then, we will continue to stand on the side of the naysayers. And please continue to give us our 6 fishballs, even if you have to charge us more for them!

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