Ascentia Sky: 4-Bedroom unit (Review)

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This is really the one that the wife and I came especially to see - the 1851sqft, 4-bedroom (Type D) unit. The 4-bedders in Ascentia Sky range from 1733 - 1991sqft, and all have similar layout except for the 1991sqft unit.
4-Brm FP

The 4-bedroom units come with their own private lift and lift lobby. Although you get more privacy of access to your unit, this area actually eats into your total livable area.

As you enter the apartment, one of the bedroom (Bedroom 3) is immediately on your left (or right, depending on the orientation of your unit). The glass partitions you see are just ID and do not come as an option.

The living and dining area is rectangular-shaped and comes with compressed marble floors. We liked the regular shape but find it a tad small for a 4-bedder unit. It reminded us of the living/dining area in our previous apartment, which was only about 1530+sqft!

The balcony is huge - this plus the planter box easily takes up about 200sqft of floor-space. The consolation is that you get a long rectangular strip that is fully sheltered. This makes the balcony/planter box area alot more functional. We reckon you can easily fit an 8-seater long dining table here, or two separate tables of mahjong, whichever is to your fancy.

The kitchen is L-shaped and of decent-sized. The developer has thrown in a host of kitchen appliances with the unit - the exact brands are yet to be confirmed, but you will get a fridge, oven, hood, hob, dishwasher and even air-conditioning! The kitchen cabinets also looked to be of good quality.

The wife and I loved the yard area - this is very spacious and functional, e.g. for laundry drying and ironing. The opposite set of windows just before the back door provide good natural lighting and the necessary ventilation for this area.

The home shelter is large enough to fit a regular single-bed, so you do not have to worry about finding that bed that fits for your domestic helper.

One of the common bedroom (Bedroom 2) is tucked towards the same end as the kitchen, with a comman bathroom (Bathroom 2) separating the two. This is the smallest of the 3 common bedroom - you probably have to contend with a single bed here, or use this room as a study. This is also the only bedroom that has a balcony - the balcony stretches from the living area across to this bedroom, so one can actually access this bedroom via the balcony.

One of the unique feature of the 4-bedders in Ascentia Sky is the absence of a junior suite - you get two common bathrooms on opposite ends of the apartment instead. We actually quite liked this idea, as it allows the option of dedicating one bathroom (e.g. Bathroom 2) as a guest toilet. This is especially if you are using Bedroom 2 as a Study or Guest Room.

The common bathroom is good-sized, and comes with homogenous-tile floors/walls. It is also fitted with "Bravat" sink/toilet and a nice set of "Bravat" shower fitting in the shower cubicle. Nothing sophisticated in here, but the quality fittings do stand out.

Over at the other end, you find two common bedrooms (Bedrooms 3 & 4) as well as the master bedroom. These two common bedrooms are regular in shape and seemed larger than Bedroom 2, maybe because of the additional bay window area that is missing from the latter. The bedrooms come with nice timber-strip flooring and decent quality wardrobes. The two bedrooms share a common bathroom (Bathroom 3), which is almost a replica of Bathroom 2 but just a tad smaller.

The master bedroom is very spacious by current standards - you still have quite abit of space after fitting a King bed inside. The only problem we have is the tiny wardrobe space, which then again, is common these days.

The master bathroom is probably the area within the apartment we liked best - from the good quality marble floors/walls, to the chic cone-shaped bathroom sink and last but not least, the unique black-coloured shower fittings. You also get a bath-tub plus an adjacent standing shower area, so you do not have to climb in/out of the tub (and risk slipping and hurting yourself - don't laugh, it has known to happen!) if you just want a shower.
Master Bath2
Master Bath1

Price-wise, following are prices quoted for 2 selected (South Facing) 4-bedroom units:
  • #06-07 (1851sqft) -   $2,315,800 or $1251psf
  • #11-06 (1851sqft) -   $2,360,500 or $1275psf
The monthly maintenance for a 4-bedder is estimated to be around $360. The developer will also absorb the stamp duty for each unit purchased. This effectively represents a 3% discount on the selling price. However, the catch is that this will be in the form of a rebate upon TOP.

As Ascentia Sky is already built up to the 17/18th storey, progressive payment is already up to 40% (for units in the low floors) or 30% (for units on the higher floors).

What we like:
  • Location - You cannot possibly go wrong with Ascentia Sky. Located along Alexandria Road and minutes away from the CBD and Orchard Road, it is also about 100m from Redhill MRT Station. 
  • The unit layouts, especially the 4-bedroom - All the rooms are regular and good-sized and very functional.
  • Quality of furnishing and fittings are very impressive, if what we see is what we get.
  • Being of North-South orientation, we can expect the units (especially those on the higher floors) to be quite breezy. Thus less need for air-conditioning, which translates to smaller electricity bills.
What we dislike:
  • The living/dining area for the 3 and 4-bedders are rather small. Ideally, the balcony can certainly be smaller with more space accorded to the living/dining area. 
  • The area around Ascentia Sky is rather built up, with Tanglin Regency/Tanglin View directly across from Alexandria Road and HDB blocks surrounding the project. We were also told that the plot of land next-door to Ascentia Sky is slated for further residential developments. As such, only the higher floor units (we reckon 17 and above) will likley get the Tanglin/Orchard or Sentosa views that the project boasts. The rest will probably have to contend with looking at the pool/facilities below.
In summary, Ascentia Sky is probably one project that the wife and I will consider buying into. And our preferrence (budget withstanding) is a lower-floor (6th or 7th), South-Facing 4-bedder unit that overlooks the lap-pool. The North-Facing units will probably be noiser, given the busy Alexandria Road.


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