Ascentia Sky (3-bedroom unit photo-review)

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The wife and I had the impression that Ascentia Sky is a "sold out" project. So we were rather surprised (pleasantly) to be invited to view the showflats over the weekend.

The sales gallery is located directly across from the actual site.
Sales Gallery

Ascentia Sky located along Alexandra Road, right across from Tanglin View and next-door to The Metropolitan. Entrance to the development will be via Alexandra View, a new access road that runs between Ascentia Sky and The Metropolitan.

Ascentia Sky consists of one block of 45-Storey, and consists of 373 units. It is developed by Wing Tai Holdings, and scheduled for TOP in 3Q 2012. The development consists of 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom apartments of at least 1,000sqft (sorry, no "shoeboxes" here).

The wife and I were told that this is the final selling phase of the project. The launch was made just before Chinese New Year, and only about 70 units remain for sale. Of which, most are 3- and 4-bedrooms, with very few 2-bedders left.

The photos shown here is from a typical 3-bedroom (Type C) unit. The unit type is of standard size (1475sqft), so it is just a question of which facing you prefer - The "North Facing" units look towards Tanglin/Orchard (or the apartments/HDB flats opposite Alexandra Road for lower-floor units), while the "South Facing" units will supposedly get a good view of Sentosa (or rather, the HDB and Redhill MRT Station for low-floor units).
3-Brm (Type C)

And speaking of MRT Station, the nearest station (Redhill) is a mere 100m away! We were also told that the grounds on which Ascentia Sky is built is elevated by about 0.5m from ground-level. In addition, the units are built on pillars that are about 5-storey high. So the lowest units (2nd floor) are actually on the same level as a 6th floor unit in neighboring developments.
3-Brm FP

As you enter the unit, a short walkway leads you into the living/dining area. However, this is not before you see the "fish bowl"-like kitchen on your left.
Main Entrance (3Brm)

The living room is rectangular shaped and come across as a tad small. This is probably because of the large balcony and planter-box space within the apartment, which takes up about 100sqft. The consolation is that the balcony area is fully covered, and its rectangular shape does make it rather functional, e.g. as an external dining area, which frees up space for the living room.
 LivingDining (3Brm)

The kitchen is almost square-shaped, and is of good size. The huge window located between the back of the kitchen and the yard provide ample ventilation for both areas - you be surprised how often this important feature is missing from many other new projects we have seen so far.
kitchen (3Brm)

The unit comes with a small yard area with dedicated space for your washing machine (separate dryer will have to be stacked on top of the washer). It also has a small bathroom and and the home shelter will probably fit a custom-made single bed.
aYard (3Brm)

The common bedroom is huge by current standards - it can easily fit a Queen bed (or was it a Super-Single?!) and still have ample space within to move about. This is especially considering that the unit comes with bay windows!
C.Bedroom1 (3Brm)

The common bathroom is good-sized, and comes with nice looking fittings.
C.Bath (3Brm)

The wife and I especially loved the huge master bedroom (for a 3-bedder). However, it can certainly do with more wardrobe space, which is just a small strip flushed against the wall to your right as you enter the bedroom. Then again, it is a common curse for all new developments these days, so you and your loved one will probably have to move some of your clothings to the other bedroom for storage... or just make do with less clothes.
Master (3Brm)

The master bathroom is equally impressive - it is spacious and comes with very eye-catching fittings. We especially like the black-colored wall mounted shower-set in the long bath, which is a departure from the standard stanless steel shower you get in other projects.
Master Bath (3Brm)

When we visited the showflat last weekend, the actual construction of Ascentia Sky has reached the 17th floor. And we were told that they are completing an average of 2 floors per week!
Actual Site

We will be posting a more detailed review of the 4-bedroom (1851sqft, Type D) unit in the next couple of days.

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