Spottiswoode Residences (Type C1 - 3-Bedroom)

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The wife and I was at the sales gallery of Spottiswoode Residences today.

Below are photos we took of the 1421sqft, 3-bedroom (Type C1) showflat.

Before you get too excited, all the 3-bedders have been sold. But we reckon units are most certainly available in the resale market if you are still interested.
Type C1

Kitchen (C1)

Shelter (C1)

yard (C1)

yard bath (C1)

C.Bedroom1 (C1)

C.Bedroom2 (C1)

Wardrobe (B1)

C.Bath (C1)

master (C1)

master bath (C1)

What we like:

• All bedrooms are tucked on one side of the unit, which ensue privacy.

• The common bathroom actually has two doors - one leading to the walkway into the kitchen/bedrooms and the other into the common bedroom next door. So you actually get two ensuite bedrooms.
• The home-shelter is located in the kitchen, unlike the one- and two-bedders where the shelter is in the master bedroom. This is especially when we need to use this space for the maid’s room.

• Very good-sized yard area with window.

What we dislike:
• The wooden flooring in the kitchen is appealing to the eyes but is not very functional, especially if you are into heavy cooking.

• The common bedrooms are rather small, with the bay windows eating further into the already small space.

• The kitchen entrance is located too close to the bedrooms (especially common bedroom 1) for our comfort.

• Given that the unit is only 1421sqft, it really cannot afford a huge balcony. We reckon the balcony/planter box takes up about 150sqft (mabe even more) of the total unit area.


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