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After a month-long hiatus (slightly longer actually), the wife and I decided to check out Dunsfold Residences yesterday.

Dunsfold Residences is a cluster bungalow project along Dunsfold Drive (off Bradell Road). It is located within the Bradell Heights landed housing enclave, which according to the wife, is a prime landed estate outside the Core Central Region.
location plan

Dunsfold Residences consist of 6 freehold strata bungalows built on a site area of about 11,200sqft. The bungalows come in different sizes of between 5737 to 6329sqft (strata area). It is developed by Dunsfold Residences Pte Ltd, which actually tells us nothing about the developer. Our web search drew a blank too.

Each bungalow has 5 levels (2 Basements, 2 Storey and an Attic) and 5 bedrooms (6, if you count the bomb shelter in basement 2 as well). Each house also gets 2 parking lots and a private pool.
site layout

Although the "on paper" TOP date of Dunsfold Residences is 31st Dec 2011, the bungalows looked to be ready for occupation anytime now. We were told that 4 of the 6 bungalows were already sold - only House# 3B and 3C are still available.

As per most cluster housing projects, your "main door" is actually located in the basement carpark, i.e. next to your parking lots.

As you enter the "main door", you find a huge bedroom with attached bath - this is ideal as a "granny room",  entertainment room, guest room or even a study. You also find two sets of staircases - one leading down to basement 2 (yes, 2 basements!) and the other up to the living/dining room.

Basement 2 is where the maid's room - your domestic helper will be overjoyed as this is one HUUUGE room with attached bath - and bomb shelter are located. There is also ample open space with natural lighting for doing the laundry and ironing... and maybe even play ping-pong! The only issue we have with this area is the air-well - this is uncovered (probably deliberate as it provides better ventilation) , which means it can get rather wet during rainy days.

The living/dining/kitchen area is on the ground level. The wife and I like the spacious living/dining room, which is rectangular-shaped with no odd corners (easy on the furniture placement). A guest bathroom is available next to the door that leads you to the pool area.

The kitchen is spacious and functional. However, the cooking hob/hood and kitchen fittings/cabinets that are provided looked rather nondescript, which is somewhat of a

"The "pool" resembled a rectangular bath-tub - not particularly impressive in our opinion.

Two bedrooms are located on the second floor - both very good-sized and regular-shaped. Both are "en-suite" but they share the same bathroom, i.e. the bathroom has 2 separate doors that lead into each of the bedroom.

The master bedroom is located on the top (attic) level. Space will be the last thing you need to worry in here - the real challenge is how to furnish the room adequately so that it does not look bare.

The attached bathroom comes with "His" and "Her" sinks but no bath-tub - this is perfectly fine by us but those of you that enjoy a good soak in the long tub after a hard day will be disappointed. Then again, there is always the "bath tub" (aka pool) outside.

The master bedroom also comes with ample wardrobe space, but the final finishing can certainly be better (okay, we are probably being picky but then again, you are paying good money for this!).

As the master bedroom is located in the attic level of the house, you find a somewhat odd-looking storage space next to the wardrobe. The space is probably good for storing your luggages, golf bags (although it's a looong way to lug them down to the basement everytime you head out to the golf course), and definitely an excellent hiding place when playing hide-and-seek!

The wife and I were told that Dunsfold Residences is within a 10-minutes walk to Lorong Chuan MRT (just don't ask us how to get there), with easy access to CTE/PIE/KPE. The "easy CTE access" bit we can certainly appreciate, as the two remaining unsold houses (3B & 3C) are situated right beside the Lorong Chuan/CTE intersection. So yes, they are a tad noisy if you open the windows - which probably explains why they are still unsold.

But if you don't mind the noise (or do not open the windows of your house much), and have a budget of around $3 million, Dunsfold Residences may be worth a visit. This is especially if you are looking for a big house with spacious interior living.


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