Remember that "dream house" we told you about?

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The cat's outta bag now.

BINJAI CREST is a 99-year leasehold cluster housing project located near the junction off Binjai Road and Jalan Kampong Chantek. The access road is from Dunearn Road.

The development has a land area of about 220,000sqft and consist of 125 units. It was developed by Allgreen properties and completed in 2004.

The unit size ranges from 2,787 to 4,650 sqft. Each unit has 5 bedrooms, all of which comes with an attached bath. 81 units have a roof terrace with roof garden while 44 units have an attic.

BINJAI CREST is also one of the rare cluster housing project that comes with a tennis court.

The development does need a fresh coat of paint though, but the wife and I understand that they are repainting sometime this year/early next year.

We love the generous amount of space within the unit and around the development. This is a departure from the small plot size and "tall and thin" unit associated with most cluster housings that we have visited so far.

But alas, it was not meant to be...

Main Entrance
Exterior 1
Exterior 2
unit 1
carpark 1
carpark 2

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