Feng Shui 101

By The Folks @PropTalk - December 9, 2009 1 Comment
Following list is complied by the wife.

Should Adelina Pang (the famous Feng Shui consultant) or any other Feng Shui experts be reading this and wish to append/explain the list, you are most welcomed!

VERY Basic Feng Shui Tips:

1. The condo unit should not have a road running towards it - this creates "Sha Qi".

2. There should preferably not be a Temple, Church or funeral parlour located behind, next to or in front of the condo unit.

3. Apartment with square or rectangular layout with no missing corner is generally preferred.

4. Front door of the apartment should preferably not face a window or the sliding door to the balcony, as this does not allow "chi" to circulate. The "chi" (wealth) that enters through the front door will flow right out via the balcony/window.

5. Toilet should preferably not be at the centre of the apartment to avoid having your wealth being flushed away.

6. If the apartment is a split-level unit, the living room should preferably be at the lowest level.

7. Dining room should preferably not face the toilet door.

8. Kitchen door should preferably not face the front door.


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  1. In addition to point (2), condo should not have a prison / hang man place in front, beside or behind it.